Finding Queue Count in Universal Messaging

Hi Everyone,

I want to create a monitoring utility which provides Queue count in UM which are not consumed.

Is there any way to find the queue count of a queue present in Universal messaging.

I am using 9.10version. How we can implement through Java admin API. or do we have any utility for this.


Hi Sangeetha,

You can check the queue count for the specific queue in UM Enterprise manager.


thanks Sarika.
But I want to get the count from webMethods Designer. I have necessary jar for that(JAdminAPI.jar) But I am unable to achieve the result.

Is there any better way to get the queue count in Designer

Where did you place the jar on the IS lib or in the custom package specific file system folder for its API to access?



please check the documentation area for the UM Java API documentation.

Make sure that you have the UM Shared Libraries installed in the install directory where you need access to the UM API.


Currently even i am looking for a code/service where i can get to know how much data/queue i have sent so far when you do a JMS send… Need help