Finding difference between a flow serivice on two servers.


I am faced with a pretty interesting challenge. A developer who worked with us in the past had made some modifications (quite a few) to a flow service on the dev IS. This was an enhancement. A different version of it is in production. I need to find out what all changes he has made to the code.
Is there an easy way of finding the difffernce between two flow services?

I tried to get the flow.xml and do a diff on them and it returned 12000 lines as being different.

Any easy idea will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Other option is rightclick on flowservice View as HTML in browser and save the html pages dev and prod,do diff with any diff tools or ultraedit.This might not help you fully but atleast some visualize changes can be seen.


wow! That worked great. Thanks RMG!

Glad to know it helped…