Finding a field in a map

I can use locate to find maps and the elements used to build a map.

Is there simple way to search for a field in a map? Surely WM must have a search tool within the Developer interface.

Something similar to a word search in MS Office.



WM Developer 8.2

View service in HTML and then you can do search like a normal browser document.

Hope it will help.

Thank you Pawan.

We tried that, but HTML only seems to show you where the field is first mapped.

I would like to find where any reference to it occurs.

Thank you again,


In HTML you can find all the references. In the search you have to mention the document reference name not the document name.

If it still didn’t help you out, you can very dwell into the flow.xml. You can search this file as a normal text file.

(would suggest to open flow.xml in text editors like notepad++ or xmlspy than any browser. For better viewing the structure of this file)

Make the service as “view in html page” do a control+F to look for the mapping. If the mapping happening in a transformer you can do the same. For more information refer the developer user guide.