Map Name in Natural


I would like to know if it is a way to know the name of the displayed map at run time?



On the Map, you can display *PROGRAM as an output only variable.

For example: This is Map: (*PROGRAM

At execution time the Map name will show up on the screen.

Is this what you want to do?


Hi Steve,

No this is not really what I want. After a map is displayed I would like to know what the current displayed map is/was.
We are trying to find a work arround for the input map wit help. The map and code conversion doesn’t handle this case.
To be able to invoke the correct help routines for we need to know the current map/page. My first Idea was to create a global variable where we can put the name of the last displayed map/page. But theis solution is not so nice. So we were wondering if there was another way to achieve our goals.

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Maybe USR0600N helps …

Hi Jan;

Not to give up on my original post. Assume the Maps are yet to be built (or there are not so many that modifying them would be a burden).

You could use the %C family of commands to read the Map Name from the screen.

Something like %CCL05A would read all of line five into *COM, then you could either enforce a particular location for the Map Name, or always have it a specific color, etc

Matthias’s suggestion is also valid. Although, you would need to be able to recognize all the valid Map names. Hence, you would have to maintain a table, either in a GDA, or a table file.


Hi Jan;

Just re-read your last post. What do you mean by

"We are trying to find a work around for the input map wit help. The map and code conversion doesn’t handle this case. "

It sounds as if the Map might no longer be the current map. Is this the problem? If so, the %C idea will not work.

If the map is current, and if you have a “map level” Helproutine, you should be able to simply REINPUT USING HELP without a MARK clause.


if it’s in test region probably you can invoke debugger from that transaction using which you can trace line by line of the executed code…

To be complete I must tell that we are modernizing an application using the NJX map converter and the NEE code conversion. One problem is that the HE (helproutines) are not yet automatically converted. So we freated custom rules in the map converter to create automatically a popupmethod.
This works great! Now we had to generate the code to handle the created event. As a program can handle multiple maps/pages We thought it would be useful to know which page is currently handled.

This post can be closed as we decided to use variable in which we move the mapname.