Natural Studio 6.1.1: How to print a map layout

I hesitate to ask this simple question, but I am not having luck with the documentation.

How can I print the layout of a map in Natural Studio? The default print function gives me the source code.

Willie Wormald

There is no specific function to do this. Printing maps in Natural on any platform always prints the source.

However there is an easy trick to do it.

  1. Edit the map
  2. Test the map (Object…Test) to display the layout.
  3. type %H - to hardcopy. This produces a window with printer destinations (such as LPT1).
    In the configuration utility (device/report assignments) you can set LPT1 to either a real printer or a file.

Trust this helps

On the mainframe this is simple: LIST mapname FORMATTED

On OpenSystems, it’s a little trickier - often it takes me several attempts to get it right.

  1. Catalog the map and a program to drive it.
  2. Close the map and program editors.
  3. CLEAR the editor work area. (Object → Clear or Ctrl-D → Clear)
  4. Invoke the program editor. (Object → New → Program)
  5. Execute your driver program.
  6. When the map displays, press %C. (terminal command)
  7. Enter the Edit command. (Ctrl-D → E)
  8. A new editor session opens, containing the disply image.
  9. Turn off line numbering.

You can now use standard Windows commands, such as ctrl-c and ctrl-v, to cut/copy and paste the image to Notepad, Word, or wherever you like.

Just remember that you need to execute the map. You can’t simply list or “test” it, as on the mainframe.