Natural FORM using map


I knew about the Maps whic are used in Online programming. But today I have got a requirement to create a MAP for batch processing.
The statement that is used in the program to execute the MAP is
WRITE USING FORM ‘mapname’. I had heard about it but did not work anytime.

The most confusing thing on the MAP I found is
at the top right and bottom right corner of the MAP.

Can someone please guide me with an example so that I can work on the request tomorrow.

Some docs would definately help me to understand.

Thanks in advance,
Map as FORM.doc (87 KB)

What would help is to see a screen snap of the Map in the Map editor, a snap of a listing of the Map, and a snap of your WRITE statement


Thank you Steve. I will try today and incase I come across any more doubts, I will jump in to the forum.


The string at the top and bottom of your map are likely some sort of print processor control strings - Xerox DJDE, I think.