Find detailed report about flow service

Hi Team,

Is there any in-built service/utility to get detailed report or information about the flow services.


kindly describe more about your requirement ?

Are you trying to get RUN time information about your flow service or service design information ?

Hi Dinesh,

I’m looking for design time information about the flow service. I’m expecting end to end details about the service.

@harishk will give the design information about the flow service. if not kindly refer Java service to get the service node information (metadata)

Note : This service should be used only for Internal purpose.

This service( gives details like properties of the flow service, but I need details like sub level service or java service or any adapter service etc… in a flow service,

This service will give you a list of services referenced in an flow service


This service will give you list of service that are depended in an flow service


Hope this service address your requirement ?

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