Filter Exception for older version while using 9.5 deployer


I am upgrading from webMethods 8.2 to webMethods 9.5 and while migrating my packages from 8.2 to 9.5 i am facing below issue.

While creating set if i select 8.2 environment’s server alias as SOURCE server then i m getting below message :

[DEP.0002.0052] Deployer successfully updated the source server list in project testDeployer. You can add source servers only with version 8.2.

After creating set with 8.2 as SOURCE server, in MAP step i am not able to see any 9.5 version server… Only 8.2 version server and getting below message

[DEP.0002.0171] Deployer has applied a filter for targets of version 8.2 on project testDeployer for map myDeploymentMap.

I am using version 9.5 Deployer for deploying components from 8.2 to 9.5.
Remote servers are properly configured in 9.5.

Could any one please let me know where and what is the issue ?


You should use IS migraiton utility for migrating packages from 822 to 95 version of IS.

for more details of how to upgrade from 822 to 95 release, please find the upgrade guide from

Direct link to 9.5 upgrade guide is


What you see in screen is expected. You cannot use Deployer to connect to two different IS’es of different versions.

You have another choice… Use 8.2 Deployer, create a build and export it…
Use 9.5 Deployer, Import the build, simulate and deploy it…


Thanks Chandra and Senthil !

I have migrated my components from 8.2 Deployer thru export/import.


8.2 -> 9.12 MWS artifacts

I tried to generate a build successfully 8.2 Deployer for all the required components on 8.2 MWS.

Exported the build.

Now I am trying to import the above generated build in 9.12 deployer, which is getting imported fine. But in deployment map step, I’m unable to map target server as 9.12 MWS server is not listing due to below exception

[DEP.0002.0171] Deployer has applied a filter for targets of version 8.2 on project

Any idea how this can be done. I tried to perform Migration of projects from 8.2 server to current 9.12 deployer still it didn’t pull the projects.


Hi Firoz,

please check the Supported upgrade path documentation as there is no direct upgrade possible from 8.2 to 9.12.
You will need to do an intermediate migration to 9.5 or 9.8 first before finally migrating to 9.12.

Additionally after importing a project in a newe Deployer version the project needs to be migrated to be able to deploy to new version.
See Deployer Users Guide for further informations.


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