Files not getting deleted from FTP server when using publ.client.ftp.delete service


We are using ftp transfers to exchange documents with various customers and check these transfers in the Trading Networks while many of the files after getting transferred are getting deleted successfully where as some of the files are not because of which we end up in delivering the duplicates and in spite of enabling the duplicate check some of the duplicates are not getting detected in Trading Networks as it is a known issue with Trading Networks 8.2 version.

Could anyone please let me know whether this is an issue from webMethods end or an issue at the ftp server.
Is there any service which can perform “rm -rf” command in webMethods so that the file gets deleted permanently.

Thanks in Advance!!

Do you see any error when delete command failed?
It may be the case that the file is locked by another thread when you try to delete it.
You need to make sure no other system/thread is locking the file.

Hi Charan,

Can you also check, what the file permissions which haven’t been got deleted by delete cmd. If possible, plz share the files details in this forum to better guide you.



Thanks for your reply.
The file permissions were the same as for the other files which were not delivered as duplicates.
We are having schedulers in 4 load balancing servers which are not in cluster.
Can this be a reason for this type of issue to occur.

Please advise.


What is the file size for those files?
Compare Sent as duplicate and Sent as one(Successful)

The size of the files is same.But the lock has occurred on the files during the ftp pull.
I checked with my unix team regarding the permissions of the file.