FilePolling Port input

Hi All,

I have created a FilePolling Port (Local Directory for now) and i will be polling XML, FF and MIME files and the logic is there in the service to identify the content and do the parsing accordingly.

My question is can i set any name to the input object ?

Because, when i give my custom name its not working and when i give it as ffdata its working.

I have selected WmRoot as the folder name. If i have selected WmFlatFile then i would have accepted that ffdata is ok to use.

why can’t i give my custom name here? any thoughts or suggestions?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Syed,

please have a look at FlatFile users Guide for informations.

I think that ffdata is the default parameter and cannot be changed.
But you can map ffdata to your custom name in the first step of your service.


The file will be parsed by different handlers according to content type you configured in file polling port. If you set nothing, than IS would choose the proper handler according to suffix-MIME mapping.

You can’t change the variable name, because it’s filled by handler. For example, if content type is application/xwmflatfile, then ContentHandler_FlatFile would be used and an input stream named “ffdata” will be the input.

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My Concern here is, if i am using a FF then i accept input can be ffdata but in case of xml as well its coming as ffdata?

is it expected behavior.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

In my case even for xml data also input its coming only if i set input variable name as ffdata? Is it expected?

Yes i saw the MIME settings in resources page.

Is there any documentation on naming conventions and the content handlers being used for each mime types?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Yes, it’s expected. It’s a better way to make service input unified, even for handling different files. In your case, you could hardcode the content type in port configuration.
But usually, one file polling port is used to process the files with the same structure.

I haven’t set any value in the port configurations for content type. So, picking up all the files and performing actions accordingly.
But you know its strange to set ffdata for content types like .jpeg/.png and etc.(Because its working only with ffdata as input)

Syed Faraz AHmed

Yes, it’s a little strange, but it could help to simplify your backend service to treat all the files in the same way. Or you have to use multiple brunch steps to guess what’s the input.


Agree on this part :slight_smile:

Thank you Xiaowei

Syed Faraz Ahmed

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Try to use pub.flow:getTransportInfo as the first step in your handler service.U can get the file name& content-type in this service, then you can use pub.file:getFile to get content from the file.

Some times it doesn’t work well dealing with streams etc… please try the above let the group know.


Hello RMG,

Even without pub.flow:getTransportInfo service it will give the content-type and filename in the pipeline if you define it in the input tab.

Was facing issues with Savepipeline for wM 9.12 but after fix installations it was fine and I was able to see the data types coming in the pipeline.

Syed Faraz Ahmed