Hello all!

Is there any documentation about the contents of FILEDIR.SAG?
I did some “investigations” and found out, that the first 116 Bytes are the header. And each module is represented by a 288 Byte record.

It would be possible to find out more by try and error. But that would be very time consuming.

I need this documentation for a versioning tool …

Why not use the interfaces provided by NATURAL, be it NATNCVC or the interface subprograms provided in SYSEXT ?

Thank you for the tip! But it should work completely without NATURAL by using a free versioning tool (like GNU CVS).

What is your objective ?

“checking out” NATURAL objects from CVS, then “adjust” FILEDIR.SAG ?

If that’s what you are planning to do - use FTOUCH

Yes! A Checkout of new modules could be a problem. I know “ftouch” and tested it. “ftouch -a” would do exactly what I want. But there are two problems:

  1. There are some libs with some “Structured mode” AND some “Report mode” modules. And it is my understanding, that you can only choose one of the modes.
  2. ftouch does some additional checkings within the NATURAL environment. For example in some Libs, the following error-message occurs:
Current path '/sag/...' does not appear to be a Natural system file.

But #2 is solvealbe, I guess.

I have a similar situation when backing up Windows directories containing FUSERs. When restoring sources and objects from Windows (i.e. using Beyond Compare), I have to perform the FTOUCH - however this tool is very circumstancial to use, having to run it from a DOS prompt and setting up pathes and stuff. FTOUCH should definitely be accessible from within Natural Studio. In fact, it would be reasonable if F5 (Refresh) on a local library would automatically perform a total FTOUCH for that lib. It doesn’t take that many seconds :wink:


if seems not so simple to work with utilities on system-level.

Names of the natural-modules inside may be converted to another name on system-level. So it is possible, that imported modules (on system-level) destroy another module. So you MUST look inside FILEDIR.SAG, which name on system-level is used for name inside NATURAL (v.v.), but SAG doesn’t give us a utility :frowning: .

For details have a look to ‘NATURAL/Operations for UNIX and OpenVMS’.
There is a description and a WARNING to use Utilities on system-level (including FTOUCH!!!).

I have a slight hope, that SAG will develop a tool, that allows us to work with the modules on system-level.

Let’s wait … :roll: