Command Processor under Windows

Natural for Windows Documentation → Tools and Utilities → SYSNCP Utility → Prerequisites for Windows

Under “prerequisites” the documentation refers to

I haven’t been able to find the demodb folder, the readme file, nor the SYSTEM-NCP FDT on my hard drive or the installation media. Without the FDT installed, I can’t start SYSNCP.

Anyone know where to find the NCP fdt?


I have it in my Natural install directory, here …\Natural\6.3\DemoDB

This also has the SAGTOURS stuff etc.

Thanks, Wolfgang. Right where it should be.

From now on I rely on you instead of the Windows 7 search facility.

Hi Ralph;

What version of Natural do you have on your computer? I have 6.3.11 Pl0 and I do have the readme file; could send it to you if this is the same version.
I have not found the ncp fdt.