file with no sender and receiver details:

Hi all,

I am receiving a file. It does not have any sender and receiver details. And it does not have any FF Schema to validate. all i need to do is FTP this file to target system.

i am routing the file to TN, So how does TN recognize the document type and how it will invoke the service defined in the processing rule.

Please post your answers…Thanks


Question for you… if its just simple ftp’ing of files why you want to persist them on TN?

If have some valid reason (say support vissibility or something) ask your partner to send the files with some file format, preferably sender_ID, receiverID in file name format… you can extract these ID’s from there and recognize the documents against them on TN … alternatively you can also create TPA with this file format say ****.xyz from partnerA which can be hard coded while recognizing…


If everything else fails and your client can’t put the sender and receiver id in that file then simply create some folders in organize way where your client can drop the file. Then either do the file polling or schedule service to pick up the files from those folders and depending on the folder from where you pick up the file, you set the sender and receiver id in gateway service before sending it to trading network. You can parse/tokenize the folder information from pipeLine variable which should be present in gateway service.