File Upload.......Please Help


I have gone through the previous threads regarding a text file uploading to IS. I understood, I nned to write a contenthander or need to install file provided by SAG.

Is my understanding correct? I am using IS 7.1.2. When I am trying to submit text file from html, I donot see any content in the pipeline.

Please help.




I’m also using 7.1.2

  • I contacted wM support and they weren’t able to provide the content handler : Deprecated feature
  • I contacted also wM PS and they wasn’t able to provide it also. The reply was to use the 6.1 one which is still compatible with 7.1
  • wM support said using 6.1 Content Handler on 7.1 is not supported (even if working) and there is no warranty that a future fix doesn’t break this CH.

So all in all, wM doesn’t provide any solution and we didn’t take the risk of unsupported configuration (we have so many problems to manage with this platform :mad: …)

So the solution I choose is to use a PHP web site that will interact with wM platform using some web services : PHP masters file uploading as well as webservices, and I hope wM will not deprecate web services … soon :proud:

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