File transfer from source IS to Target IS

hello friend,

i have a requirement wherein file needs to be transfered from one e2 system (IS) to another e2 System (IS).
so i have come out with two ideas …could anyone suggest me how to start with this.

  1. -create a service which takes a file as input
    -calculate MD5 Checksum ( java service already available.)
    -logging at proper places

  2. -create a publishable document with fields (PUBLISH TO BROKER)
    . data(optional marked as green)
    . timestamp (mandatory)

  3. -create a trigger (and provide subscribing service and document type in this)

  4. Think subscribing service should be in the other IS. Now here do i need to write the subscribing service in the other IS by creating a subscription service.

Is there any other way to go about this requirement.
also how can i setup a directory as FTP Directory.

Hi Wmie. FTP is a good soution to go ahead with file tranfers. The FTP box can either be a windows/unix machine. This is normally setup by the IT Infra Team. You can provide the details to them so that a FTP box can be configured as per your needs. Once this is done. Simply use the preprovided loigin,logout,get,put services to work with the FTP.
The approach saves time in away that the use of Broker is not needed.(Helpfull if monitoring is of prime importance.)
The flatfile/xmlfile need not be processed.
Less coding needed to accomplish ur task.
Easy handling of files thru FTP. (Monitoring can be implemented in this case also)

Note: U will get lots of guides to setup a FTP on a win/unix boxes.

Enjoy…Get there faster.

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