File timestamp issue

Hi all,

Webmethods Enterprise Integrator V4.6

I am polling for a file using the File IO adapter. Almost everything works fine, except the filename that I receive has a timestamp appended to it. It looks more like the working filename whereas I need the original filename.

I have NOT checked the append timestamp checkbox.

Does anyone know if I’m doing something wrong ?

Any help would be great.

Hello Rax,

we are experiencing the same problem using wM Enterprise Integrator and V4.2 File IO adapter.

The append timestamp checkbox is not checked but the output looks like the working file name. The behavior is only in production.

Any help would be really appreciated.


I am not sure any fix is available for this. I could not find in advantage.

However, the best practice is not to poll the data file directly. Instead of having one polling directory separately and put a small empty polling.txt file after the data file is being exported to the data directory. Once the polling is completed a file read operation can be configured to read the data file. In this case the polling file can have time stamp.

This solved one more big issue that in case the data file is too large, the file poll ommits the half data and moves the file into completion with partial read.

Hope this helps.

Jeyaraman R

Hi Rax, fancy bumping into you on this board!

Alternative workaround for the problem: if you really need to use or interrogate the filename in your IC, then you could write a simple java common operation to strip off the date/time stamp from the file name as it’s passed into the IC.

Writing it as a common operation, rather than coding it into the IC, means that you can then call the same function from any other file-based IC to perform the same task.

Not an ideal solution, but a work-around nonetheless.