File polling

A question regarding file polling: while WM is moving input files from polling folder to working folder, is there any way that I can control how webMethods appends to the input file name, other than the default?


I believe we dont have control on that…this is the default behaviour.
since this is internally coded and using the getTransportInfo service you can grab the filename and rename that what ever you like,but i dont think this will work for your requirement.


let us know the necessity for your question? why do you want to change the default behaviour?

RMG & Saurabh,

Thanks. I just want to have control over the files, in every folder when using file polling. So either I will try to grab the file name if I cannot change the behavior, as you said; or I can use my own way to append to the file name.


you can extract the originalfilename from the getTransportInfo service of (transport/filePolling/originalFilename)from the pipeline when using filepolling port…
Hope this is what u are looking.