File Reference Variables

Hi All,

I am currently working on Scheduled Events to get the variable name to retrieve the original filename from the Sender.
What my event doing is it will find the file from sender (testfile.txt) then rename the file (testfile.20210622) and delete the original file upon encryption.
I am using this variable {stem} or {name} but it is not retrieving the original file. What I got is the filename from the Rename action.

Question is: Can I still get the original filename even though the original file was being deleted?
What variable should I use?

Thank you so much.

Hi Michelle,

please provide an outline of your service for your event execution.

Eventually an invocation of pub.flow:getTransportInfo as the first step in this service can help finding a matching variable.
See IS Built-In-Services Reference for further informations.


In MFT there is no server variable to get the original file name. One way is to pass the original filename to IS service and and get the same name as output which can be put to a customer variable. You can refer this variable after rename to get the original filename. This is the best possible solution I can think of.


Thank you for your suggestions.

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