FICO deprecated in 9.8

According to the release notes for Software AG webMethods 9.8, FICO business rules is now deprecated.

“FICO Blaze Advisor, FICO Compiled Sequential and FICO Decision Simulator have been

What’s the upgrade path for business rules built using FICO into new Software AG platform 9.8?

Hi Alexander,

when components are marked deprecated, this does not mean, that they do not exist any longer.

Usually they still exist and might be removed in a later release.

Existing projects/implementations can be migrated to the new version.
But new projects/implementations should not be started using deprecated components.

In wM 9.5 (maybe earlier) the new Rules-Engine has been introduced, which should be used for new projects/implementations instead of FICO.
Rules development for the new RulesEngine is included in Designer instead of having its own client.

For further informations see the ReleaseNotes and Guides available from Empower or here:

Check with your License Owner how to obtain a license for the RulesEngine.



Thank you very much for providing the detailed response. As we understand, components are not going away and there will be an upgrade from previous versions to the 9.8 version and following versions as they become available.

Hi Alexander,

For supported migration pathes see Supported_Upgrade_Paths_for_webMethods_and_IBO_Products.pdf available from Empower.

Hopefully there will be a migration guide later when FICO will be finally removed and gets replaced by the RulesEngine.


FICO Blaze 7.1 has been certified only with Java 1.7, not with Java 1.8 so far. Software AG 9.8 suite is already shipped with Java 1.8. Blaze support has been removed from Software AG 9.8 suite.

If you run SAG 9.8 with Java 1.7, adding Blaze 7.1 might work but this is not officially supported.


Sorry to add a comment after such a long time.

I would like to know if there are ways of importing FICO Rules into the new Rule Engine. At the moment the only option for me is trying to rewrite those rules.

Please help!!!