Fetching Queue data


I have published on message on UM queue. Since there is no subscriber for this message and queue type is persistent it is available on queue.
I want to fetch the queue data just to see what has been send by the sender. Is there any way to see the data published on UM queue without subscribing the message.

Any help will be much appreciated…

Just go to Enterprise manager and use Snoop option to capture the published data.


Thanks Yogesh…

FYI, you can start seeing the content inside queues using Snoop only for the messages that are flowed after turning the Snoop ON. You cannot see the content of messages that got queued before turning on snoop.

In 10.0, you can browse the actual contents of durable subscribers in Command Central. This is not like snoop, which indeed only starts subscribing when activated in EM.

Hi Jonathan, Is this feature only to browse durable subscribers or it works on queues too??

Currently only for durable subscribers - not queues.

Thanks Guys for providing useful information