[Fatal Error] -1 -1 Premature end of file


I have created a Tamino database and i’m trying to execute a query using Tamino API for Java, but this error occurs:

Fatal Error -1 -1 Premature end of file
Response could not be built

I need some help… Thanks in advance,

Hello Maria,

could you please post your schema, document, query, and the code you are using?

Thanks in advance,


The error occurs when i try to execute a specific Tamino query, i think something is wrong with one of my schemas.

My database is shutted down and this message appears in the job monitor of the Tamino Manager:

Fatal error → Unexpected signal 11 received → INODSF1319

I don’t know … Execution of other queries works.

I have working with Tamino around 2 years and i never got this error…

Thanks, :slight_smile:

Maria Elena

Hi Maria,

perhaps the first thing to do is upgrade to the latest update kit for Tamino 4.1.4 - there is an update kit #5 (to bring the system up to version available from Customer Support.

If the problem still occurs with the latest update, you should post the query and schema here so we can have a look at them.


Thanks a lot Trevor…

I’m gonna do that…