Fatal query...

I have a big problem with my Tamino data base. With the following query, the data base is stopping !!!

The “fatal query” :

declare namespace egov="…“
update for $task in input()/egov:DM/egov:DMRepository/egov:AdminServiceLog[@att1=“aa”]/egov:AssociatedService[@att2=“bb”]/egov:ProcessDescriptor/egov:Task
where $task/egov:Data/@att3 = “cc”
do replace $task with
<egov:Task ResponsibleAdminType=”…" TaskDescr="…" Status="…">
<egov:Data DataID="…" DataValue="…">


The return value is 0102.

Somebody can help me?

Thanks for your help.

hello nir19,

unfortunately i could not find the return code 0102 that you mention in the documentation.

in order to resolve the issue, preferably report it to your customer support center. provide them with all the necessary information, including platform, db version, the schema and if possible some sample data.

andreas f.