Falt file Integration in BPM

I have an integration(Falt file pickup via FTP and FTP put in another server) built in webMethods Developer.

Now I want monitor this existing integration via BPM.Can you please suggest me how we can do this

Thanks for your help

Two scenarios come to my mind:

Control by BPM: Build a process calling you services, so the Integration is controleld and monitored by BPM. You may need to change the implementation of the services, as there is probably a service yet controlling the logix which needs to be replaced by the process control.

Monitor by BPM: If you want to be less intrisuve you may just publish status documents at certain steps of your process. Then build a process only consisting of receive and join steps. Every receive step subscribes to one of the status documents (You will need a correlation id though). This way you get monitoring with really change the flow of control.