Failed to start listener HTTPListener@5555

We are using SAP Business Connector 4.6 (Integration Server 4.6, I guess). We started having problems with standard port 5555 not starting automatically when we shutdown/restart, giving the following error:
"Failed to start listener HTTPListener@5555. [B2BSERV.0070.9009] Error starting to listen: Address in use: bind "
So, we changed the server.cnf in config directory to use 4444 for watt.server.port parameter and it start working fine until another shutdown/restart. This time it doesn’t start both 5555 and 4444 (gives the same errors for both). Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks, Pratap.

I have faced this problem on Solaris many times.The reason for this is even after shutting down the server the background java will be using the port.Find the Java using these ports and kill it or reboot the box.