Failed to start HTTPSListener

Hi all,

I´m trying to create a HTTPS port listener but I´m having no joy at all!!

This is my actual settings:
HTTPS Listener Configuration
Port - 5444
Client Authentication - None
Package Name - WmRoot
Bind Address (optional)
Listener Specific Credentials (Optional)
Server’s Certificate
- unspecified
Authority’s Certificate - unspecified
Private Key - unspecified
Trusted Authority Directory - unspecified
— Or —
KeyStore Location - /home/juliano/Public/dda.pfx
KeyStore Type - PKCS12(IBMJCE)
HSM Based Keystore - true
Alias - unspecified
Trusted Authority Directory - unspecified

When I try to start the port I get the following message:

[ISS.0070.0021] Failed to start HTTPSListener@5444: [ISS.0070.9025] Alias: does not exist

Where do I configure this Alias??

Thanks in advance!



Solved this one exporting the “pfx” certificate to the 3 “der” files.

Used this post.

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