Failed to Send INtegration server Doc as an attachment

Hi All,

I have a problem in sending the Integration Server Doc as an attachment using pub.client.smtp service.

My scenario is that i have to send an Purchase order to TN and after receiving the Purchase Order i have to send an acknowledge document from TN to a mail id. For this i have used pub.client.smtp service and passed the inputs to it but the problem is that our mail server smtp port is 465 which is an SSL/TSL encrypted port.:angry:

I am not getting the exact reason why i can’t send when i give an SSL/TSL encrypted smtp port.

I tried with another smtp server which is not an SSL encrypted…in that case i’am successful.

Can any one help me to resolve this Issue…THanks in Advance.

is this a sending-to-SSL-enabled-SMTP-server issue or an attachment issue?
can you send to this SMTP server without attachment?
the smtp service will pickup anything in the pipeline with the name “attachment” based on my experience.

Hi Wong,

Yes this is a sending-to-SSL-enabled-SMTP-server issue. I am not complaining about the attachment and also i cant send the mail without attachments as well.