Failed to Manage IntServer

We have installed ManagerServer 6.1.5 and whenever I try to Add & Manage the Integration server, I am able to add the IS in the Manager Server but the status of the IS is showing as Failed. But actually the integration server I want to manage is up.

The error I received in server log is

IsCascadingAgent.setObjectStatus Integration Server failed:

But I am able to Add & Manage the Broker Server running in the same machine.

Can any of u pls help me in this?


Hi Ravindran,
we have been facing the same problem and after a lot of research one of my colleague (Manoj) found the solution to it.

The answer is that you have to add the hostname and IP of the machine on which Manager Server is running to “hosts” file of the machine on which your Integration Server is running. This will solve your problem.