Failed to evaluate binding expression:"#{RuleListSearchResultsDefaultviewView.ruleSearchList}"in MWS

Hi Experts,

I am unable to find the RuleList in MWS (WM9.5) and when I try to click on RuleList it show the exception as below.
Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{RuleListSearchResultsDefaultviewView.ruleSearchList}”

It was not resolved even after applying the latest fix- wm95_OptimizeFix10 on optimize server.

Could you please help me on this, how to resolve the issue and I am waiting for your valuable suggestions.


Hi - Faced similar issue - “Failed to evaluate binding expression” error message displayed in UI screen while fetching DB information through SOAP

Observed due to DB intermittent issue SOAP call failed thus getting the above error

Above description may not suit for your issue - just wanted to highlight my findings



please not that the Optimize Fix needs to be applied to installations that are involved by this environment.

This Fix contains parts for IS (WmOptimize, WmISExtDC, WmARTExtDC, WmTNExtDC), MWS (Optimize UI), Optimize (Analytic Engine, WS DataCollector, InfrastructureDC) as well as Common Libs (applicable to all installations which have at least one of these components installed).


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your inputs and issue has been resolved now.

sorry for the late reply.