Failed client installation

I too am experiencing problems getting the Tamino client tools (not the server component, I do not wish to install it) installed on my developer workstation. It (the installation) goes to install the BTY, seems to successfully do so, but when it approaches the end of the BTY installation, it errors out. I have been in contact with support with no success, so I am turning to the community to see if there are any similar problems?

I am attempting to install on XP Pro SP2.

My thanks in advance.


Hello Steven,

could you please send me the Support Request number which should be created for this problem?
I would like to check out the status and why it was not possible for Support to provide a solution.

Thanks and kind regards,


Below you should find the subject line (with request #) from the last receipt acknowledgement. This was sent pretty late last night. I would also like to add that Jesse (the support staff I have been working with) has been extremely patient and supportive. There should be a time gap for last week, but that’s because I was in Denver taking the Tamino Developer Training Course from Jacques.

Software AG Receipt Acknowledgement for Support Request #556806

I’m grateful for any assistance you can provide.