Fail to config Cumulocity IoT Trigger In workflow

Dear Team

I am working for a demo that integrating Cumulcity alarm into Kafka . In the workflow definition, system throw error message ‘An unexpected error occurred during the creation of the Cumulocity IoT service user’.

I have check the privilege for the user of Cumulocity Connect, he/she is ‘Admin’ and with ‘Notification 2’ privilege.

My Coumuloity is 1015.0.278.

The user that you use to create the connection with needs to have ADMIN permissions for “Application management”. But it seems the connection “WmC8YCoreConnect_SmartFacility” is properly created as you selected it in the screenshot.

So the error is coming when you try to save (or run?) the workflow? Which instance are you using?


the domain for the is

There is a general problem at the moment that means cumulocity connectors are not created. A fix is waiting to be implemented in the AWS instance to fix this, but has not been done yet.

Hello Weihan,

Thank you very much for all the information.
As far as I can see, your configuration meets all the requirements to be able to create a Cumulocity IoT alarm trigger.

This error is actually caused by an issue in tenants running on AWS datacenters. A correction will be rolled out with 10.16. This new version should be deployed very soon although no actual date has been be scheduled so far.

In the meantime you might try the following:

  • this issue started occurring upon creation in of multiple Cumulocity IoT Accounts for different Cumulocity IoT tenants. It might still work if you use the first Cumulocity IoT account you created - or at least an account on the same tenant.
    However, this solution does not work on all AWS tenants.
  • For demo purposes I would suggest to use a tenant on an Azure datacenter. V10.16 already runs on these tenants and the Cumulocity IoT trigger works as expected.

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