Failed to register listener for Cumilocity Trigger

Hi Experts,

I’m trying to create a work flow on Integration with Cumulocity Trigger which is triggered by measurement of mobile phone device, but got the error “failed to register listener”.

I tried to use IMEI #, Serial #, even wildcard * as device ID, none of them works.

Please help, thanks.

Hi Wang,

We tried executing the same scenario in our production environment, unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the issue. Can you please verify if you’re adding your device correctly or if you can add screenshots that would be great!


I registered my phone on Cumulocity and I could read all the sensor data via browser.

Wondering what’s the server url you are using?

Figured it out. Cumulocity trigger is asking for a separated credential instead of webMethods cloud account. After reset password on and it’s fixed by using the new password.