Faces-config bean creation is slow and takes too long

I am trying to create a new ManagedBean using the faces-config editor in the webMethods Designer.

The operation takes a lot of time to complete (4-6 minutes) and renders the IDE unusable. This happens after the click on the first Next button in the New Managed Bean Wizard and when changing the name of the Managed bean in the text field.

Anybody else has this problem? What is the cause and are there any solutions?

Designer version: 7.1.2
Hardware: development grade machine


i have seen this effect as well, not when changing the managed bean name, but when creating one. In my env it takes about 2-3 minutes, but this could be a difference in the machine.
Have you tried changing the configuration in Designer (memory…)? Do you have all the validators (under Window → Preferences → Validation) active?

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