Extracting The TN data

hi all,
i need to get the exact values like document type,processing rule selected ,processing status,user status in the developer flow service for the particular receiver from the trading network (transaction analysis).
Do any one have the idea to extract the data.

wm.tn.rec:BizDocEnvelope will have all the information that you are looking for.When TN hits the flowservice the bizdoc will be in the pipeline,so check it and it helps.


I am sending an XML document to TN and invoking a service thru the processing rule. I want to extract the content whatever i have submitted.
My processing rule is working fine.
What will be steps in the flow service to get the record.
i am using :

  1. tn.doc.View
  2. tn.doc.xml.bizdocToRecord
  3. pub.flow.debugLog

but its not working out…

Thanks in advance,


content would be there in the bizdoc/content variable.In the flow service,add the Bizdoc Envelope as the input parameter which you will find in wm.tn.rec folder.bizdoc/content will be bytes.use a bytesToString transformer to convert it into string.
hope this helps.



Its simple what you are looking for using wm.tn.rec:BizDocEnvelope(document)from the pipeline extract the bizdoc/content(bytes) and convert bytesToString (xmlstring).