Extracting Custom Attributes in EDI Documents - Trading Netw

We are on WM 6.1 I have a user requirement to search certain documents in Trading Networks for an identifier, for example, the check number in an 823 transaction. I am trying to figure out how to extract the custom attribute. The documentation is pretty cryptic - the manuals say “invoke the wm.b2b.editn:addAttributeTypeToBizDoc service” (see EDI Module User’s Guide p 173). In digging around, I saw an old post that indicated that there was no way to do this in EDI, just XML. Can anyone verify this, or explain how to associate the attribute? When I try to add the document type in the service, I get the following error: Node name ‘EDIFFSchema.X12.V3040:T823’ is invalid.

The input BizDocName to the service wm.b2b.editn:addAttributeTypeToBizDoc is the name of the BizDoc in Trading Networks. So in this case the value would be ‘X12 3040 823’. Remember to create the BizDocAttribute in Trading Networks first.

This process allows you to set a value for that attribute in the BizDocEnvelope. You’ll still need to create a service that extracts the desired value from the 823 document and sets the value of the attribute using the service wm.tn.doc:setAttribute.