Extracted Custom Attributes in Pipeline

I have custom attributes for a given document that I want to be able to access later in the pipeline. I have them defined and extracted fine in TN, and I see them going into the database, however, how can I access them from within Developer? I chose the execute a service action, and it gave me a template service with bizdoc, sender and receiver doc inputs. I see the system attributes such as DocumentID, SenderID, etc within the bizdoc variable, but where are my custom attributes? There’s also an ‘Attributes’ doc within bizdoc, but that appears empty and I can’t find where that doc type is defined. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is it possible to access extracted custom attributes via the pipeline?

Yes, the Attributes document within bizdoc contains the custom attributes for the given document, keyed by attribute ID

The Attributes record under the bizdoc will be populated during runtime. I’m assuming you were looking at the bizdoc ‘statically’ (you weren’t stepping through the flow after using ‘savePipeline’). The attributes get extracted when the doc is sent to TN and put into the bizdoc before being passed to your service (assuming TN calls your processing rule correctly).