Extract & Load with Synchronize = 'Y'

I know that Extract & Load with Synchronize = ‘Y’, NEE will check for modules that have been stowed since the previous Extract & Load and then Extract only the changed modules.

It is a pain to check which modules have been retired out of our application and then delete these out of the NEE repository.
Are there any plans to - during the extract steps - either (1) delete the modules out of NEE if they no longer exist in the application or (2) at least mark the modules that have been retired out of the application so I can unselect the modules I want to keep in the NEE repository and then submit a Delete job?



In NEE611 there is an option called ‘Validate’. This will check to see if there are any objects in the NEE repository that no longer exist in the Natural library.

It produces a list from which you can select individual objects, a subset of objects or all objects to be deleted from the NEE repository.