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Hello community,

I need your help to extract some information from my document.
the structure of my document is in the attachment.

I want to retrieve only the values colored in yellow.

How can we retrieve these values?

thank you

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Do you want to retrieve objects? Or are you expecting actual data in those fields like in any XML file? If all you need is the objects, you can copy and paste that object to pipeline and then map it. Don’t click around after you paste it, it will disappear if you do.

No I just want the values in yellow.
For my example, I want a string or a list of value = “/argumentDeVente, /article, /articleReference”

They are objects, they can’t have string values. If it was also defined as string as well, you would see another string object with the same name in the pipeline. That object wouldn’t have any nested items in it. Only exception for this is when using a document generated from an XSD and an XML string. If an XML object has attributes (for example @nil) only then you will see extra fields in a string object. If that’s the case (it looks like it isn’t because you would have a data object next to @nil or something) then you would have used data instead. By the look of it all you are expecting from that service is 3 objects in paths, no strings. I recommend checking the document below for the service you are using.

I can’t tell what you are using with just a glimpse.

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