Exporting the data in .xls format using flow service

Hi ,
I one of my applications I need to export data from a database to excel file in local disk. I am using Adapter Service to extract the required data from a database. Eventually I need the data in an excel sheet in the local machine. I dont find anything in webMethods designer to export the data to an excel file. Please suggest the solutions. Thanks in advance.

Hi Abhinav ,

You can make use of Apache POI (https://poi.apache.org/) to convert the data in the excel format , you need to write custom java service for the same.

POI API must do it if you write your own custom java service. However if your client is interested in SAG GCS tools there is a package available (WxExcel) not free! (Not sure if they still provide and support it)

Other options will be to search in code samples section of SAG tech community.