Correct approach to importing Excel spreadsheets

Hi folks

New to the forum and new to AG Webmethods. I’ve worked extensively with Glue, SSIS, ADF, Talend and a bunch of other ETL systems.

Please could someone point me to and/or explain the basics of importing a spreadsheet into a database? TBH other ETL tools make it so easy, I was looking for simple connectors etc in webMethods and not found anything.
Most of the threads are really old and I assume things have moved on? There is one thread in 2017 but even that is nearly four years ago and I assume that even it is outdated (Best Approach for Reading data from excel into wM)

If you’re referring to wM Integration Server, it really isn’t geared for ETL. You can do some things to read Excel files (I assume you mean proper .xlsx files, not CSVs which many tend to refer to as “Excel files” since that can be used to open them) such as use 3rd party libraries but such activity is not the “sweet spot” of wM IS. ETL tools and so-called “BI” tools are more of a fit, as you noted they have direct support for Excel.

Thanks, this is useful info. We had strongly suspected this but our customer has insisted we use wM. We keep looking for the things that make ETL so easy in other tools and it feels like we’re hard-coding everything from scratch.