Adapter Service : Calling from external REST Client


I want to know if its possible to call Adapter Service from external (public/ internal) REST client from process running outside of webMethods runtime.

With extensive research in documentation, no where it is clearly mentioned that Adapter service must have additional wm Java Service created just to call it.

Follwing image shows it can be called directly without having REST endpoint configured on webMethods IS.

In above image, you can see it is mentioned as
“An Integration Server client, typically using a flow or Java service, invokes
a JDBC Adapter service on the webMethods Integration Server to perform
an operation on a database.”
Why it is mentioned as Typically? What are other options here?

Following Image shows need to Flow/Java to call adapter service

If not rest call, what are the other options if we need to call it from some process. Ex. Client program calling Adapter service directly.

Primary objective is to create Adapter Service, Call from external client, and do not need to create intermediate REST V2 service for access.

Hi Anjum,

I am not quite sure where your issue is.

There is no need to use REST here.

The Adapter Service can either be assigned to an “Inoke a Service”-Step in process directly, or by using an additional Flow Services (using a Flow Service is preferred over using a Java Service) as a Wrapper.

In the case this is needed you can expose the wrapping Service as a REST provider resource to other parties.
I am not sure if this possible for the AdapterService itself.


Thanks @Holger_von_Thomsen

Not an issue but designing micro services on WebMethods.

Below is simplified summery of requirement…

  1. All data access must be done through Data Adapter Service.
  2. External micro services / External client (C# / java) calling Adapter Service directly (REST/RPC) without needing to create wrapper webMethod’s java/flow service in-between client & adapter service.

Couldn’t find definite answer on point #2 above in any SAG WM documentation.