Export a package

using a java service i would want to export a package(.zip file) , to a specific location on the external disk.

select your package, then file>export.

i’m not sure you can export only your service, the whole package has to be exported.

Hi Jerfai,

Thanks for the reply,

Is there any other way using java service/flow service, can we automate the export of the package to external Local drive…

You don’t need to use Java. (Why does everyone always think they need to drop to Java for everything?)

I assume you already reviewed IS Built-in Services Reference in an attempt to find a service for this function. If not, please do so. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, post a reply and I’ll provide more guidance.

By “local drive” do you mean a drive on the IS machine or on your Developer machine? If the latter, I’m not aware of anything you could do to automate that other than via some scripting.

We are still not setup with VCS. None of the developers have access to Admin. Till we have VCS setup, I too was looking for a way to archive packages i.e. copying the package zip file(replicate/outbound) to my work area on IS box assuming necessary Unix permissions are provided for IS to write to a directory in my work area).

Would appreciate if I am provided pointers on how this could be achieved and I will dig into it further.

Hi Reamon,

I looked into the IS built in services and I was not able to find the services to export packages.

I need to export package on my integration server local drive… Please provide guidance…

Look in the Replicator Folder chapter.

Hi Reamon

Is this with [B][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=4]

So we can have a scheduler with this service which automatically pushes the packages to the Target System.

Thanks in Advance