exec service and deliver document by

I have selected two actions in processing rules 1)execute a service and 2)deliver document by[selected scheduled delivery ->receiver’s queue]
Receivers queue has batchFTP as the delivery method.
My service will convert the the received XML doc to a flat file.

How do a pass the values of the converted XML file to “delivery document by” method? as it’s always writing the XML content to the remote location.

I have selected “synchrous” option for execute service.

Thanks for the help.

The two actions will have no relationship to each other. The delivery action will use the submitted document, not the resulting document from your service. You’ll need to use two different rules.

One way to do this:

  • Use your existing rule to execute your transformation service
  • Within your service, submit the resulting document to TN
  • Create another rule (e.g. “Deliver XYZ”) that accepts the document type your service creates and to queue it

Thanks for the clarification Rob.

As the “delivery document by” is going to invoke the batchFTP service in this case,I have created my own service[changed few inputs and outputs of existing XML to FF service] and registered the new flow service with TN using the delivery:registerService. Like building your custom batchFTP…copied batchFTP and before put command I have invoked my XML to FF flow service.

I changed my partner profile delivery method to have my custom batchFTP and unchecked the “exec service” in the processing rules.

At this point I have only 1 processing action given and that is “deliver document by” method!. This solved my purpose!

Can you suggest which is the best of doing this? writing custom batchFTP or rerouting the doc to TN again ?

The batchFTP function isn’t intended to be invoked from a rule. It should be used on a scheduled basis only, associated with a TN public queue. The batchFTP service will deliver all the documents that have been queued in a given queue.

If you want to FTP one document at time, then just use the FTP delivery service, not batchFTP.

IMO, the usual way of doing this is to separate the transformation from the delivery. One rule to transform the XML to a FF, another to deliver or queue the FF (or any other type of doc). Don’t combine transformation and delivery in a single IS service–too limiting and inflexible.

I don’t think you need a custom delivery service for this. I think the out-of-box facilities will do what you need.