Exception in Repeat Step

I am using a Repeat Step in a flow service. The logic is as below:

Map Step: Initialize count to 0
Repeat (Repeat 2 times, and repeat on Success)
Map Step: Increment count by 1
Service: pub.Flow.throwExceptionForRetry
Map Step: Increment count by 1 --this step is necessary

With the Logic above, we should be able to exit out of the Repeat Step. However I tried many possibilities but every time Service: pub.Flow.throwExceptionForRetry throws a IS Run time Exception, instead of coming to the catch Step only a WM Monitor exception is thrown.

My doubts are:
1> How do I exit out clean from a ‘Repeat on Success’ Step
2> Documentation says Exception in child would propagate to parent service. Why am I not able to catch the exception?
3> I don’t want to write a loop step, can you suggest any way to modify repeat.

Would be great if any of you who might have encountered a similar error could help me out.



Not too long ago, I brought up a similar question regarding throwExceptionForRetry. Please check out the following thread:

As far as how to exit the loop cleanly, how about using an EXIT step?

Let me know if you need more details.

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