Exception handling for Services

Error logs are being spammed with DetailedServiceException’s when an AdapterService calls a stored procedure which RAISES an EXCEPTION for the stored procedure.

Problem is that the raised exceptions within the stored procedures are valid and common scenarios for the application. We call these adapter services from Java and catch the Exceptions, performing the appropriate business logic based on the SQL Error code that is generated from the stored proc’s raised exception.

We use the IS error logs for monitoring, and if a valid scenario throws 5 DetailedServiceExceptions (because our stored procs mean to) then we have no way in monitoring when there is a real problem or not.

I’m assuming that whatever wraps the generated SQL Exception from the JDBC call into a DetailedServiceException is also logging it to the IS error log. Is there any way around this, a better way to handle this scenario, or any other thoughts?

Note: We are calling the Adapter Services via Service.doInvoke(NSName, IData)