Can someone give me a simple example on how we can retrieved data from Tamino, and view it in beautiful formatted using XSL and Javascript. I try to view it, but I can’t retrieved the data, only the description from my XSL file…so I hope to see any simple example , begin from input data into Tamino, then retrieved it in XSL format. I hope this example can solve my problem…

Siti Salmah Md Kassim


have a look if the documentation, section “Tamino Server” and the “Pass-Thru Servlet” does not describe exactly what you are looking for.


andreas f.

Hi Afroe,
I still new in learn Tamino Server…so, can you explain more detail about Pass thru servlet…and if you don’t mind, I want to see a little bit about the coding …how to retrieved the data…please!!!

Siti Salmah Md Kassim

Hi Siti,

Examples are provided as part of the kit. Check thro the documentation as well.

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Hi Simon,
Thanks for your reply…another problem i face is, in that kit, the example is using Apache Web Server, but if i’m going to use IIS ,how I can configure the Pass-Thru Servlet? Is it same or different? and can you give me advice about this:
- can I use Php, Tamino, Tomcat instead of XML as the tool for my applicaton?

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Siti Salmah Md Kassim

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The “Pass-thru-servlet” is implemented using [Java] servlets, hence a requirement for a servlet implementation such as Tomcat or Apache JServ.

IIS cannot process servlets but what is possible is to install IIS and Tomcat and install a filter (check http://jakarta.apache.org web site) that reroutes servlet requests (http://yourmachine/servlets/…) from IIS to Tomcat.

For the second part I would have a search on these forums as I am sure the question about using php has been asked before.

Indeed the question regarding PHP has been asked before and answered by me!

There is no PHP module implementing support for Tamino (as far as I am aware)so your options are:

1) Use the Tamino Http interface via Php Http functions (you should also look for community supplied code).

2) Use the Tamino Java API by utilizing PHP Java support.

Which would be best for you I think will depend on exactly what you are trying to achieve.

You could of course write your own PHP/Tamino interface? Just how popular do you think such a thing would be?

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Hi again,

Thank you for your advice…but, actually I get confuse about the requirement to build application on Tamino…
1) what is the most perfect combination to build tamino application - from the interface , to the database (Tamino)
For your information, before this I try an error, use HTML (from the Tamino Form Handler)…but, I can’t view it …I mean for the end user, the response from Tamino database not suitable, so I try to view it using XSL, but not succeed…can you give recommandation for me.

I only want to have one simple system, begin from user enter their details in Tamino …then as the end user, I can retrieved back my details from tamino, and view it in beautiful format, using XSL…can you suggest how can I do this?

Kindly Regards,

Siti Salmah Md Kassim

Without following the discussion in detail:

Did you have a look at XApplication. Maybe it solves you problem already. You may download it from the Tamino Community, see here.

Hi Siti,

Your simple question is actually asking an awful lot. What would be the “best” really will depend on exactly what your requirements are and what resources you have available.

But I will be bold and stick my neck out with some good general guiding principals:

1) Go for the most simple solution.

2) If you are comfortable with a particular technology, and this technology can do the job then use it.

3) Involve the end user in the development cycle as much as possible.

If it were me, I think the initial solution I would look at would be Tamino, Java and the Tamino PassThro servlet.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your concern, but I can’t reach that link…why? is it required authentication? I already registered, but still doesn’t work…

best regards,

Siti Salmah Md Kassim

Hello Simon,
Thanks for your suggestion…but here i need help from you again…instead of build simple system using Tamino, and I consider my system is suitable with that requirement …you said, Tamino, Java and Tamino Pass Thru Servelet…can you specific to me how the flow of using the combination (Tamino, Java,Tamino Pass Thru Servlet)?

Please clear it to me…hope you not sick of my question…sound that i am a beginner user …:slight_smile:

kindly regards,

Siti Salmah Md Kassim

As for not reaching the link:
I checked back with administrator, the link should work.
You could also go to http://www.softwareag.com/tamino/ then click “Community”, then “Downloads” and find X-Application.

Thanks for your concern. But here, Im not using any Tamino application such as x-application to build my system. I only use simple HTML like example in Tamino Form handler…as my situation now, I try to use HTML coding embed with Java Programming to retrieved data from Tamino database. I try to configure Tamino Pass thru Servlet…but it is quite difficult to do that, no details about how retrieving back data from Tamino using XSL. So if you have any idea about that please do infrom me…ok

Siti Salmah Md Kassim