ETID in Win2003 Server

In win2000 Server, I set de ETID=$$ in the line command for launch natural; when i make a transaction to Adabas, the user ID in Adabas = Proces ID of Windows.

But when i use this in win2003 server, and make a transaction to Adabas, the used ID in Adabas = “” (nothing)

Someone know what happen ?

Thank’s for the help,


$$ is the process ID on Unix and Linux.

linux-prompt> echo $$

I don’t know if there’s something like that in Windows-Environments.

Maybe it depends on the environment ADABAS is running on. Is your ADABAS located on the WIN2003 Server, or on an external Database-Server?

From the docs Natural 6.1.1. for windows:

Yes all you are right, this works for win2000 Server, but i try it in a win2003 Server, and don’t works, any one know why ?

I have one adabas server in a Win2000 server, and an adabas server in a win2003 server, i think is something with the server 2003, but my question is, someone knows a way to solve it ? or is a bug in a win2003 server ? thanks guys.