How to avoid 3048-8 from Natural RPC?

. Web application consuming a Natural subprogram via Natural RPC
. subprogram on Natural 633 on Win 2003 EE
. Natural RPC server on Win 2003 EE
. Broker on mainframe (EntireX 8.0)
. ping via USR2071 & USR2073 returns Natural RPC Server 6.3.1 on WNT-X86 (NAT633PL0)
. subprogram attempts Adabas FIND
. CALLNAT results in 3048 sub-code 8

. Natural Security is present on the mainframe but not on Windows.
. RPC server Natparms: ETID=$$

With only one user testing the set-up, the subprogram abends with a 3048, sub-code 8.

How do we avoid this?

I don’t know if this will do more harm than good. You could use USR1043N to issue a CL command before you attempt the ADABAS find command.

hi Ralph,

In the natparm or rpc in the parameter ETID you must set ETID=’ ’
It is a way of solving this error.

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We tried both a blank ETID and ETID=$$ (Natural for Windows 6.3.3 to generate a unique ID), but it didn’t help. In the end, a developer determined that the cause was an application error.

the parameter ETID=’ ’
the parameter ETID=empty

Excuse my English :frowning: