NAT0935 Conflicting number of parameters Run Time error

I am making an RPC call to Natural Subprogram from ASP.NET.

I get the following run time error when I invoke the program.

I did check it calling with 8 parameters, it works fine. When I pass
9 parameters it throws me following runtime error.
When Calling with 8 parameters Natural program is changed to accept 8 parameters
When Calling with 9 parameters Natural program is changed to accept 9 parameters

Run Time error

SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.XException: 10140935: BRKN3339 9999 NAT0935 Conflicting number of parameters (Subprogram BRKN3339/MOSAICSD/1/17). Lib=MOSAICSD,Pgm=BRKN3339,(NATURAL Error Info: Program=BRKN3339,Error=0935,Line=9999,Status=O,Level=01).

Call in ASP.NET goes something like this

using SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime;
using SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Generated.brkn3339;

Broker broker = new Broker(“XXX.XXX:4000”);
Service srvc = new Service(broker,“XXX/XXXX/XXXXX”,"MOSAICSD ");
MOSAICSD bclient = new MOSAICSD(srvc);

// Invoke the program

bclient.BRKN3339(‘List of parameters go here seperated by comma’);

when you change and restow the subprogram for 9 parameters, is the Natural RPC server picking up the new version? That is, is the server running with a local buffer pool or a global that is not shared with the region where the subprogram was stowed from?

If this is the problem, you can restart the server to get a fresh local buffer pool and pick up the new instance. Longer term, you may want to either use a global buffer pool shared with your development environment or set up a subprogram / rpc call to the API function USR0340 to flush the buffer pool for you (without restarting the RPC server).

If you are using a local buffer pool for your Natural RPC Server, be sure to use the LBPNAME=localbp in the NTOS macro as the allows the NTASKS threads of the server to share the same local buffer pool.