Hello all,
we are migrating from a IBM/VSE Environment to SLES9.
The problem is:
we have several programs that use system variable *INIT-ID to retrieve data from adabas table - this because in VSE this variable contain the physical terminal and is “fixed”.
Now, on Linux is variable and contain “pts/#”.
The documentations said that this variable is not modifiable, is there a way to do that? Unless we have to change a lot of program …
Thanks in advance, best regards

Diego Gazzo

(sorry for my English not so good)

Hello Diego!

“pts” is an abbreviation. It means “pseudo terminal slave” and Linux assigns it to the next free number on the system when a terminal session is opened.

I don’t know a way to modify it. But it is unique at runtime and it makes sence to me that it is not modifiable.

Does *USER (User-ID) help you? It is modifiable and you can assign it to any value you want…

Hi Diego
pts/## is assigned dynamically by Unix OS and is related to pseudo terminal used by telnet / remote login.

This is not related to the remote user or the remote ip logging to linux box
(like probably it was configured on VSE emulation session) .

As Matthias suggests an alternative is to play with *USER another is to set *ETID according remote login information.