ESIZE and Copycodes

I just joined an organization where the ESIZE is 100K and they frequently get an error 886 Storage overflow in extended buffer during a stow. The norm here is to split the program into copycodes and it works. I’m editing a program that is around 34k and there are 2 copycodes where C1 is around 68k and C2 is around 35k. I get an 886 error and it points to the line Include C1. I split C1 into C1 and C3 so their sizes are both 34k. After changing the program to Include C1, C3, and C2 and stowing, BUS shows that maxused BB#ESIZE is around 91k. I just want to understand what goes into ESIZE when copycodes are involved. Is maxused the sum of overhead + program size + size of largest copycode?

Natural 822 Z/os 1.13

Copycode is loaded into and compiled from the side source buffer, but I don’t recall whether the SSB is allocated within ESize.

Thanks Ralph,
I found my Natural 4 Internals manual and SSB is part of ESIZE. It also explains that when the compiler encounters an INCLUDE statement, the copycode is read into SSB and the appropriate GP statements are generated and then released from SSB. I also read your post in SAGL that copycode is not cummulative in ESIZE and the reason is that it is released from SSB.